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About Beach to Peak


Jenée and Stephen Rehrmann built Beach to Peak to offer interior design and lifestyle solutions that reflect and meet the needs of today's modern and active families. The concept of a dual focused interior design and lifestyle business was inspired by their extensive experience and passion in design, building, and outdoor adventure. To get the most out of their active lifestyle with two small children, it became increasingly clear that reducing the stress of even simple daily tasks was key to being able to enjoy the things they loved. That was the premise on which they designed and built their own home, and the catalyst for investing in their first condo in Olympic Valley. And that's how Beach to Peak was born. The concept is as simple as it is complex — use their passions and strengths to help families love the way they live, and vacation. 

As the lead interior designer of Beach to Peak, Jenée's 20 years of marketing at top consumer tech companies unveils a unique art of creating order out of complexity. With 15 of those years spent in the ed-tech space, she also incorporates a deep understanding of childhood development and learning into thoughtfully designed spaces tailored to help families thrive — and keep parents calm(er). She believes that having a family, and having a beautiful home at the same time, is in fact possible.

Stephen is the unsung hero of making Beach to Peak lifestyle experiences a reality. With 20+ years mastering all facets of construction, and a lifelong dedication to getting rad, Stephen was determined to make family vacations less stressful and more awesome — for everyone. He wanted to bring the effortless Beach to Peak style and functionality to vacation homes that allow families, like the Rehrmanns, to maximize their adventures. His solution: find properties in epic locations and give them a little Beach to Peak TLC. 

That's where Jenée and Stephen's passions collided, or beautifully intersected. Beach to Peak is about bringing California’s natural beauty and adventure—from sandy beaches to granite peaks—to your home, and home away from home. It is woven into the aesthetic, craftsmanship and sourcing of each design and experience.


Beach to Peak is about designing a lifestyle you love. And want to share.

Jenée and Stephen were both born and raised in California, and now raise their two children in Danville, Ca.  

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